Friday, May 22, 2015


The MiDAS Touch
By Aswathy Kumar

All that glitters…

Models introduce the Grand Royal Double Gold, the latest addition to Myanmar’s No 1 Whisky brand, The Grand Royal

….Is definitely gold. Or at least it was the case at the Grand Royal Whisky launch party held at Union Bar Wednesday night. Despite the wet weather outside, temperatures continued to soar high at the exclusive invitation-only party hosted to celebrate the launch of Grand Royal Double Gold, the latest  and the most luxurious addition to Myanmar’s No 1 whisky brand, ‘The Grand Royal, a flagship of the IBTC.

Bedecked in Gold: Double Gold Grand Royal Whisky
“This is indeed our most premium and high-end blend yet,” said Mr William Arthur, IBTC’s very own Scottish master blender. “It is a full bodied, well balanced whisky which offers, a perfect combination of vanilla, oakwood along with a rich presence of floral notes,” he said. “Smooth and luxurious, in short, perfect for the sophisticated Myanmar consumers of today,” highlighted U Tint OO, Executive Director, IBTC.

According to Mr Bryan Lee, Group Head of Marketing, “The House of Grand Royal has always striven to be in the forefront when it comes to product innovation and it has always been our aim to bring the best products in the market.” 

Introducing the elaborate gold bottle, the Product Manager for the brand, James Koh Jon Han said, “You don't have to go international to get a taste of luxury and elegance. Our aim is to provide our customers with a local luxury brand, right at home.”

Amidst the glitz, glamor and foot tapping beats of the 80’s and 90’s played by a live band, the over hundred guests who were present at the grand event were lucky enough to get a true taste of this ultimate luxury in the form of three different cocktails flavored with the Grand Royal Double Gold Whisky. First, a sweet concoction of apple and cranberries, second, my personal favorite, a minty mix and the grand finale, a hedonistic mix of the whisky and watermelon. 

“I have never really been a whisky drinker. But looks like things might definitely change after tonight,” quipped Monika from Hungary whose personal favorite was the fruity cocktail flavored with the crispiness of apples and the tanginess of fresh cranberries. “This so good and absolutely smooth,” added a visibly excited Mei of Malaysia’s top food and travel blog, who also graced the event. 

The guests, all clad in their formal best, were further delighted with a  wonderful five course meal specially customized for the evening. “We have incorporated the Double Gold whisky in each of the dishes, you will be trying today,” said Reuben Gould, Group Executive Chef, Union Bar. 

“Cooking with whisky has its challenges. But the results have been fantastic.”

“It wasn’t an easy task cooking with Whisky, biggest challenge being to ensure that it doesn't overpower the whole dish. There were a couple of trial and errors, but the results have been fantastic.”

And fantastic they definitely were. Be it the foie gras with double gold whisky jelly, the shell fish and leek terrine with a double gold truffle cocktail dressing, mantis shrimp double gold whisky bisque, marinated pork saltimbocca with peppercorn double gold whisky sauce and dessert, the double gold flamed banana taste tartan with vanilla ice cream; the taste of luxury was definitely obvious in every bite. 

Gold was definitely the new black for the evening as the brand ambassadors, sashayed onto the stage clad in the  
LGD’s (little gold dresses) designed specially for the event by Myanmar’s top designer  May Myat Warso. From fashion haute couture to popular beats, great food to iconic drinks, and all the glitterati, the guests at the event were also treated to a complete gold-rush, with each getting a special keep-sake gold-embellished glasses from the Grand Royal to take home. 

Like I said, all that glitters was definitely gold!

The Little Gold Dresses designed specially for the event by Myanmar's top designer May Myat Warso


  1. Very well written with cool photos to boot.. and thank you for the plug.. and it was a great party! :D

  2. Oh, here is ours! LOL

  3. What a wonderful event. I really love their performances. You know dear I am a huge fan of this band. For the first time I attended their show at a local event rental halls in Philadelphia.